NOV 01st 2015

'Bahn Stormer Gallery: The Porsches

We’ll be brutally honest: We didn’t expect such a high number of Porsches at ‘Bahn-Stormer Sunday. Then again, perhaps with their reputation as cars that are meant to be used in all conditions we were naive to do so?

Mazda RX-Vision Concept Promo Porsche breakfast Club

Certainly, with moisture in the air, leaves on the roads and a thick fog seemingly cloaking all of the South East you could have forgiven owners of high-end Stuttgart machines like 911 GT3RSs and 918s for leaving them at home. Not a bit of it …

Two 918s turned up and as for the more powerful of the 911s, there were dozens to gaze at. We’ll know now to expect more next time. Hmmm, could we even do a Porsche-themed Breakfast Club …?  

Photography by Tom Shaxson

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