JUL 30th 2015

Video: Damon Hill drives his father's Lotus 49 at FoS

The Festival of Speed is basically one long procession of iconic moments, from Le Mans winners arriving still encrusted in flies to F1 champions wowing the Goodwood crowds.

Damon Hill Earnhardt promo

But every now and then a moment comes along that manages to, at least in part, eclipse the others around during that extraordinary weekend.

This was one of those moments as, nearly 50-years after it was first placed in the hands of his father, Damon Hill took the iconic Lotus 49 up the FoS hillclimb.

The 49 was the car that Graham Hill took to his second World Championship in 1968, and would later go on to secure the 1970 title, postumously, in the hands of the late Jochen Rindt.

It was on Friday June 26 2015 that 1996 champ Damon followed in his father’s footsteps, strapping himself into the confines of the machine, resplendent in the iconic Lotus green and yellow.

It wasn’t timed, and was never going to be a quick run, but sit back and enjoy an iconic moment at FoS.

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