JUL 23rd 2015

Video: Pre‑war ‑ the early days of motorsport at FoS

The popularity of the extraordinary Fiat S76 ‘Beast of Turin’ must have peaked many people’s interest in the fascinating early days of motorsport during the pre-war era.

Pre-war video Fiat S76 promo

The success of our Fiat S76 videos has been closely followed by a growing love for the brilliant 1905 Darracq 200HP Land Speed Record car, which you can see here.

Since we at GRR like to give our readers/viewers what they want we’ve put together a short selection of the pre-war cars at the Festival of Speed.

Taken from their first run on Friday morning this short video includes a whole host of land speed record cars, including the aforementioned S76 and the later, but no less iconic, ‘Babs’ record car, as well as some early Grand Prix cars.

As well as allowing an insight into the bravery of those early pioneers of motoring, it also shows the rapid rate of progress that the formative years of Grand Prix racing brought, with the giant Fiat S74 taking to the track in the same group as the beautiful, streamlined, Auto Union racers of a few decades later.


Take a look at the clip and if it leaves you wanting more then don’t forget to check out our glorious gallery from the Brooklands paddock at FoS, which housed many of these cars, and a few more we’re saving for later.

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