Video: Onboard the autonomous race car DevBot 2.0 with Seb Delanney

12th June 2020
Seán Ward

Under normal circumstances, seeing your car being driven off would not be a pleasant experience – it would probably mean your car was being stolen. If, however, you’re part of a company that builds an autonomous race car and you’re watching it driving on its own in front of a large crowd, you’d likely be over the moon.

That’s exactly what happened for the team behind ROBORACE’s DevBot 2.0 race car, the all-electric autonomous racer that visited the 2019 Festival of Speed presented by Mastercard. Unlike the Robocar, DevBot 2.0’s predecessor, there’s room for a driver, and so YouTuber Seb Delanney took the wheel for the first part of the run, hopping out in front of Goodwood House to let the car’s system’s take over. Quite the achievement, don’t you think?

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