2024 Goodwood Revival race list

13th December 2023
Ben Miles

We’re happy to reveal that the 2024 Goodwood Revival – the first historic motorsport event ever to take place using only sustainable fuels – will feature 15 incredible races over three days of awesome action.

Featuring a raft of returning favourites as well as some new additions and tweaks to the format, the 26th edition of the Revival is set to be as spectacular as ever. The most exciting historic racing in the world will take place in front of a backdrop of incredible sights and sounds away from the track as well as some celebrations of motorsport legends.


Sussex Trophy

World Championship Sportscars from 1955-1960

Perhaps the prettiest race at the Revival, the Sussex Trophy will move from its regular event-closing place to bring a stunning opener to our 2024 event. The Sussex Trophy is always unmissable, with Lister Knobblys battling Lotus 15s and the stunning Ferrari 246S Dino. But in 2024 it will expand to a wonderful 60 minute, two-driver race, creating one of the most incredible racing spectacles you can ever see.


Video: 2023 Sussex Trophy highlights | Goodwood Revival

09th September 2023

Madgwick Cup

Sports racing cars from 1955-1960

While the Sussex Trophy draws the glamour, the Madgwick Cup will showcase the slightly more down to earth racing machines of the same era. Opening racing on the second day of the Revival the Madgwick Cup in 2023 will feature the likes of the Lotus 17, Lola Mk1 and more, marking the race’s return to the Revival timetable after a year off in 2023.


Video: 2022 Madgwick Cup highlights | Goodwood Revival

17th September 2022


Goodwood Trophy

Grand Prix and Voiturette cars from the 1930s, ‘40s and ‘50s

Evoking the earliest days of the Goodwood Motor Circuit, the Goodwood Trophy’s Grand Prix and Voiturette cars showcase what the world of motorsport looked like before, during and after World War II. These ERAs, Maseratis and Alfa Romeos were the most technologically advanced cars of their time before the War, and when the fighting had ceased, with no other cars produced in the preceding six years, they were pressed back into action to help kickstart the sport once more.


Video: 2023 Goodwood Trophy highlights | Goodwood Revival

08th September 2023

Barry Sheene Memorial Trophy

Pre-1955 Grand Prix Motorcycles

Sometimes so action-packed it’s hard just to know where to look, the two-part Barry Sheene Memorial Trophy celebrates the one time that motorcycles raced in period at Goodwood. With two riders sharing the bikes, a Le Mans-style start, a field including Matchless G80, Vincent Black Shadow and Manx Norton a legendary riders both current and retired, there quite simply isn’t anything else like the Barry Sheene Memorial Trophy. As usual it will be split into two parts with both riders riding in each section to achieve an aggregate overall result.


Video: 2023 Barry Sheene Memorial Trophy highlights | Goodwood Revival

09th September 2023


Stirling Moss Memorial Trophy

Pre-1963 GT cars

A favourite of the Revival ever since it was launched as the Kinrara Trophy back in 2016, the Stirling Moss Memorial Trophy might be the most valuable and glamorous race in the world. Packed with E-types, Cobras, Ferrari 250 SWBs and more, the race took a break in 2023, but makes a welcome return for the 2024 Revival.


Video: 2022 Stirling Moss Memorial Trophy Highlights | Goodwood Revival

19th September 2022

Whitsun Trophy

Sports-racing Prototypes 1960-’66

The fastest and most powerful race at the Revival is a wonderful demonstration of the cars that helped to bring Goodwood’s modern racing period to a close back in 1966. These ‘unlimited’ sportscars, including the Ford GT40, Lola T70 Spyder and Lotus 30, demonstrate the furious progress of racing technology through the 20th century’s seventh decade and are a true sight to behold around Goodwood.


Video: 2023 Whitsun Trophy highlights | Goodwood Revival

08th September 2023


Fordwater Trophy

Production-based sports and GT cars from 1955-’60

After last year’s super-sideways all-Porsche 911 battle, the Fordwater Trophy returns to its more usual expanded field for 2024. While the cars of the Sussex Trophy and Madgwick Cup were built to battle exclusively on the track, the Fordwater Trophy features the racing cars that you could also buy for the road. Expect stars to include the Triumph TR4, Lotus Elan and Turner Mk1.


Video: 2023 Fordwater Trophy highlights | Goodwood Revival

08th September 2023

St Mary’s Trophy

1960s saloon cars

After 2023’s spectacular battle between Jimmie Johnson, Jenson Button, Tom Kristensen and Benoit Treluyer showcased just how fast the humble saloons of the 1950s could hustle, 2024 is the turn of the cars of the following decade. Perhaps even more of a fan favourite, the St. Mary’s Trophy will feature cars including the deft Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA, massive Ford Galaxie 500, twin-cam Lotus Cortina and the mighty Mini Cooper. As ever it will be split into two parts, one on Saturday, one on Sunday, with our VIP star drivers racing on Saturday and the owners bringing it home on Sunday for an overall aggregate result.


Video: 2023 St. Mary's Trophy highlights | Goodwood Revival

09th September 2023


Earl of March Trophy

500cc Formula 3 cars

These little 500cc Formula 3 cars might look a little bit odd to our modern eyes, but they put on a show almost like no other. With drivers seated in front of the engine and very little bodywork on show, these lightweight superstars have put on some astonishing racing feats over the years. Expect cars to include the Cooper-JAP, Cooper Norton, and Emeryson JAP.


2024 Goodwood Revival will race exclusively with sustainable fuel

29th November 2023

Richmond & Gordon Trophies

2.5-litre Grand Prix cars from 1952-1960

Bringing two types of Grand Prix cars together to celebrate one of motorsport’s golden eras, the Richmond & Gordon Trophies race is a demonstration of that time when F1 did a complete reverse. Despite Enzo Ferrari’s insistence that “the cart does not pull the horse”, rear-engined open-wheel racing cars showcased their future dominance through the 1950s, and this era of change is what we will see on track in 2024. That means cars racing should include the Cooper T53, Lotus 16 and Maserati 250F.


Video: 2023 Richmond & Gordon Trophies highlights | Goodwood Revival

09th September 2023


RAC TT Celebration

Closed-cockpit GT and prototype cars from 1960-1964

Perhaps the most important race in historic motorsport. There is very little like the RAC TT Celebration for pure, rumbling, heart-raising motorsport intensity. These GT racing cars are the type that took part in the RAC TT when it was held at Goodwood, and produce some of the best racing you could hope to see. On track will be Jaguar E-types, AC Cobras, Bizzarini 5300GT and Corvette Sting Rays.


Video: 2023 RAC TT Celebration highlights | Goodwood Revival

09th September 2023

Glover Trophy

1.5-litre Grand Prix from 1961-1965

From brutal power and massive engines to the graceful, sliding elegance of the cars that contested the Formula 1 World Championship in the early-1960s. At a time when engines over 1.5-litres were banned from the competition, a field of svelte and sleek racing machines powered by screaming V8s, V12s and more took over and beguiled the world with showcases of handling ability. The Lotus 25, BRM P261 and Lotus 18s on track will pay tribute to legendary drivers including Sir Jackie Stewart, Jim Clark and Graham Hill.


Video: 2023 Glover Trophy highlights | Goodwood Revival

09th September 2023


Freddie March Memorial Trophy

Icons of the Goodwood Nine Hour races

Following a stint opening the event as an hour-long two-driver race, the Freddie March Memorial Trophy returns to its more-recently traditional slot later in the Revival weekend for a 25-minute sprint. These cars are of the type that took part in the legendary Goodwood Nine Hours endurance race during the early 1950s and will therefore feature the likes of the Jaguar C-type, Aston Martin DB3S, and Allard J2X, all looking stunning as the sun begins to set on Sunday.


Video: 2023 Freddie March Memorial Trophy highlights | Goodwood

08th September 2023

While these races are all confirmed to take place at the 2024 Goodwood Revival, the order and timings is subject to change and will be confirmed closer to the event.

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Full 2023 Goodwood Revival race list




Sussex Trophy

Madgwick Cup

Earl of March Trophy


Goodwood Trophy

Richmond & Gordon Trophies

Barry Sheene Memorial Trophy Part 1

Barry Sheene Memorial Trophy Part 2

Stirling Moss Memorial Trophy

RAC TT Celebration

Whitsun Trophy

Glover Trophy

Fordwater Trophy

St. Mary’s Trophy Part 2

St. Mary’s Trophy Part 1

Freddie March Memorial Trophy

Photography by Jordan Butters, Joe Harding and Jochen Van Cauwenberge.

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