Video: Ferraris, Lotuses and Listers fight in monstrous Goodwood race

06th October 2020
Seán Ward

We can’t get enough of the sportscar on track. Really, we can’t. You’ve got late 1950s racers from the likes of Ferrari, Aston Martin, Cooper, Jaguar, Lister, Lotus, Maserati and more being driven to the absolute edge – what’s not to like?

The first few laps of the 2018 Sussex Trophy, the closing race for the 20th Goodwood Revival, were particularly special. And by special we mean mental. Up and down the field there were monstrous battles, cars chopping and changing positions absolutely everywhere. What’s more, with the cars blasting up to more than 150mph down the Lavant Straight, there’s plenty of time to hear all manner of engines (V6, straight-six, V8s and even a V12) screaming at the tops of their lungs.

It makes us all the more excited for Goodwood SpeedWeek presented by Mastercard on the 16th-18th October, an awesome once-off event that you can watch in full here on GRR, and where the Sussex Trophy will be combined with the Freddie March Memorial Trophy (normally a 20-minute race for sportscars that raced from 1952-55) in the Lavant Cup. For more information, read our simple SpeedWeek guide.

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