Event Coverage ,Members' Meeting
APR 10th 2024

Simon Ostler

The nine best sounding cars and bikes to see at 81MM

Judging by the entry list, if there are cars on track at the 81st Members’ Meeting you’re going to want to put your fingers in your ears, albeit only briefly. We always look forward to the spine-tingling noise of the historic racers as they take to the Motor Circuit in their full unsilenced glory, but this year of all years promises to up the ante just a touch.

The Can-Am demonstration in particular is going to be otherworldly, but those V8 brutes won’t be alone in their eardrum-bursting endeavours. The V12 of the Ferrari 640 is set to reverberate beyond the confines of Goodwood, backed up by the turbocharged monster that is the McLaren MP4/2B. There are plenty of other loud-mouthed machines due to grace the Goodwood Motor Circuit this weekend, here are eight that we’re looking forward to.


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