Sidecar Shootout coming to 81st Members’ Meeting

31st January 2024
Simon Ostler

The 81st Goodwood Members’ Meeting presented by Audrain Motorsport will feature a brand-new competition as the Sidecar Shootout makes its debut on the Motor Circuit.


Up to eight modern racing sidecars, the likes of which we see racing in the world championship, will face off head-to-head in a series of high-speed battles over the course of the weekend.

Sidecars are perhaps most famous for their competition at the TT, which sees these incredibly brave riders weave their way through the streets of the Isle of Man at speeds of more than 130mph. It’s exhilarating to watch, especially when you see the co-pilot throwing themselves from side to side around the back of the bike.

Their appearance at the 81st Members’ Meeting will be the first time contemporary racing vehicles have competed on the Goodwood Motor Circuit since 1966.


The climax of their participation during the weekend will be the first-ever Sidecar Shootout, which will see the four fastest pairs from the preliminary rounds go head-to-head for ultimate glory on Sunday.

Tim Reeves, eight-time Superside FIM World Sidecar Champion, has been instrumental in helping to bring this event together. He said: “It’s been a pleasure to work alongside the Goodwood Content Team on bringing such a spectacular collection of sidecars. With incredible speed, high adrenaline and nail-biting cornering, Sunday's Sidecar Shoot-Out will definitely bring something new to the Goodwood Members’ Meeting.”


Alongside the high-speed Sidecars, the 81st Members’ Meeting will also be hosting a huge collection of brutish Can-Am cars for a demonstration of their biblical noise and unadulterated power.

Tickets for the 81st Members’ Meeting are available to Goodwood Road Racing Club Members and Fellows now.

Further information about joining the Fellowship, including the host of benefits on offer, is available here.

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