Video: 75MM S.F. Edge Trophy full race

03rd April 2017
Ben Miles

How do we describe the second S.F. Edge Trophy in full inside the limits of a GRR article without having to extend to over 1,000 words? The only real way is to leave the video images to do the talking!

First, there's Patrick Blakeney-Edwards in the pole-sitting GN Curtiss, which firstly struggled to get off the line, and then suffered a mystery misfire and had to make a trip to the pits. Then Mathias Sielecki and Mark Walker were left to have a ding-dong battle out front – which saw more overtakes than a season of F1 – before Blakeney-Edwards put his foot down and charged back through the field to very nearly snatch victory.

And behind that there's the sight of the bewilderingly monstrous Fiat S76 in full-blooded racing action, and our own Andrew Frankel racing the oldest racing Bentley in the world AND the extraordinary vision of the oldest Alfa Romeo of them all on track. We're already out of breath, please just watch the video!

  • 75MM

  • S.F. Edge Trophy

  • 2017

  • Pre-War

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