Video: 75MM's stunning 3.0-litre sports prototype symphony

29th March 2017
Ethan Jupp

The 3.0-litre sports prototype demo at 75MM was an awe-inspiring re-assembling of top-flight prototypes on the Goodwood Motor Circuit as selected from enduro grids of the late ‘60s and early ‘70s.

The Porsche 908s, Lolas, the Alfa Tipos, the Matra and many more made for a grid of curves, wedge shapes, fumes and noise, as these highly strung 3.0-litre machines were let off their leads. The raw visceral sound of that iconic Matra MS670’s V12 was as agonising as it was jaw-slackeningly glorious. And of course, the unforgettable and ever-versatile DFV emitted that unmistakable howl. A glorious snapshot of 1970s sportscar racing – arguably one of the sport’s most iconic eras – played out in full in the video above. Take us back!

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