Updated: JUN 05th 2020

Paul Fearnley

The 10 best drivers never to race in F1 – Part 2

Missing the Formula 1 World Championship? Well, now imagine that you had the talent to compete in it yet were denied the opportunity. Or – even harder to imagine – that you rejected offer/s to do so.

You will find below the first 10 on a list – it’s not a grid as such – of 20 ‘nearly men’ who clearly had the talent necessary to operate at the sport’s highest level.

But first: my list, my rules: racing careers considered to be: entirely post-WWII; to have progressed beyond karting; and not to include starts in the Indianapolis 500 from 1950-’60. With apologies to AJ Foyt. (Not that he ever expressed a wish to do F1.)

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