Video: Raw V8 and V10 F1 noise at Monza

15th November 2021
Seán Ward

Running a Formula 1 car is expensive. The cars themselves aren’t just pricey, but starting them up requires a small army of engineers. Regardless, well-heeled individuals take it upon themselves to buy and drive these cars, and some even chose to race them in the BOSS GP series. To those people, we will be forever grateful.

BOSS stands for ‘Big Open Single Seaters’, and it’s an international series certified by the FIA for ex-F1, GP2, IndyCar, Renault World Series and A1 GP machines – basically, any single-seater with a big, shouty engine. Across a five-race season, the cars compete at various European tracks, including the likes of the Red Bull Ring, Mugello and Monza. It’s at the latter where we jump into the action, and strewth are our ears on fire.

There are two Toro Rossos, both with their original engines, a 3.0-litre Cosworth V10 in the STR1 and a 2.4-litre Ferrari V8 in the STR3. Then there’s a Benetton B197, not with its original Renault V10 but a Judd V10 instead, plus three V8-powered GP2 cars, a World Series car and a Lola T96/50 F3000 car. Seriously, we need to give our ears a rest for several hours after this.

Welcome to Goodwood Elevenses, a mid-morning helping of motoring-related amusement to help break up your day. Watch the last video: The craziest rally jumps ever?

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Video: Raw V8 and V10 F1 noise at Monza

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