JUL 09th 2015

Video: Anthony Reid's incredible 50‑second NASCAR FoS hillclimb

Ever wondered what’s on Anthony Reid’s bucket list? What it is that, in the car world, he wants to do before he hands in his MSA competition licence for the last time that he hasn’t already done?

NASCAR earnhardt promo

Anthony has driven most things at some point in his career after all: F3 and F1, sports cars and Group C cars at Le Mans, and touring cars by the dozen – including winning the BTCC Masters in 2004 and being runner-up in the BTCC championship in 1998 and 2000. And he’s our go-to driver when we need a fast road car driven up the hill quickly.

Not much left for him to try? Whatever it can be, the one thing you can be sure of is that it will be at the Festival of Speed

NASCAR! That’s what floated his boat at FoS 2015, as GRR found out when we talked to Anthony in the driver’s club during the big weekend, just after he took the prize for fastest supercar of the day, driving the Noble M600 (video of that coming soon, ed).

How did Anthony get on behind the wheel of the innocuous-looking but ferociously fast (900bhp!) NASCAR? Watch the vid to see, and also to find out what’s next in line on Ant’s bucket list…

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