Video: Sportscar racing in 2001 sounded amazing

23rd September 2021
Ben Miles

Back in the early-2000s the American Le Mans Series was everything for sportscar racing outside of Le Mans. So important was it that two rounds were held the other side of the world under the European Le Mans Series title.

The British round of the ELMS that year (not to be mistaken for the modern ELMS) was held on the flowing hills of Donington Park, and thankfully someone was there with a video camera to record some shaky footage and, more importantly, the sound.

The field is incredible, an almost uncountable number of Audi R8s, the stunning Courage C60, two types of Panoz – both the classic LMP-1 Roadster and the bonkers and sadly unsuccessful LMP07 – and some real rarities such as the Chrysler LMP and Ascari A410 make up the prototype field.

Behind them GT cars from Porsche, BMW and Saleen fight for honours as we watch first from Redgate over the Craner Curves and then from the infield looking over what is now called Schwantz and into McLeans.

Shaky and low resolution this may be, but for anyone around in the early 2000s of sportscar racing it is some magnificent nostalgia.

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Video: Sportscar racing in 2001 sounded amazing

23rd September 2021



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