Video: This is the best superbike lap in history

08th August 2023
Ben Miles

Driving a racing car in the rain is one of the ultimate motorsport art forms. It takes a deft touch and an of almost superhuman level of understanding between person and machine.

Taking two wheels away from that mix only makes the skill involved go up. In comes Ryuichi Kiyonari at the Donington round of the World Superbike Championship in 2008 and some of the best bike control we’ve ever seen. 

If you think that cars looks lairy in the rain, slopping sideways at a moment’s notice, then seeing a Honda CBR 1000RR pitch itself nearly fully side on into the chicane and other places is spellbinding. 

In fact, it sets our hearts racing just sat here in the office at Goodwood, never mind on the back of a 1,000cc superbike in the pouring rain. How Kiyonari keeps control of his machine though the whole lap we will never know. In fact, we’d be quite happy to say we think it’s the best two-wheeled lap we’ve ever seen.

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