Liberty Walk has modified a Gen3 Formula E car

27th March 2024
Ethan Jupp

In a collaboration no one ever expected, Liberty Walk has teamed up with Formula E to create its own version of the latest Gen3 car at the Tokyo ePrix.


Formula E calls it a livery linkup in their post on Instagram but as you would expect and as you can see, the work goes a little bit further than a lick of paint and a few stickers. As with all of its cars, Liberty Walk has made a few physical changes.

At the front, what was a fairly basic splitter with side blades has a totally new lower section that splits out wide in a F1-style uptick. There’s a bit of camber for the wheels with their new covers – no word on how functional it all is – and floor edges.


Shock, horror, for Formula E fans, they’ve also fitted this with a proper wing, spanning the two upper spurs and feeding down behind the rear wheels.

As you’d expect, the Liberty Walk superfans are out in force, saying “if only the current car was this beautiful”, with another demanding they “make that the current gen’ car”.

The Tokyo ePrix is set to take place on 30 March 2024, as the fifth round in the 2024 calendar.

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