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MAR 02nd 2021

Ethan Jupp

The 12 best Vision Gran Turismo cars | FOS Future Lab

Where do you stand on the Vision Gran Turismo cars? As a refresher, they’re fictional fantastical machines dreamed up for the virtual world of the Gran Turismo racing games, as free of the laws of physics as they are the laws of the road. 

On the one hand, they’re something of a vanity project that non-gamers could see as a waste of time. On the other, they’re the kind of opportunity for designers to really let loose that’s becoming rarer and rarer these days. As is the case with many, too, they give us a peek or er, ahem, vision, into the future for that marque and sometimes even, for a specific model. Whatever your views on them, they make for some stimulating eye candy, so we’ve made a list of our favourites.


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