JAN 28th 2015

Alpine Vision Gran Turismo racer hints at Renault’s upcoming Alpine sports car

Fans of French sporting machinery (and that includes us!) will be gazing with interest at this little beauty. It’s a new Alpine ‘virtual racer’ designed for the Gran Turismo console game, but it has been created by the design team responsible for Renault’s upcoming Alpine sports car, and is said to share some of the production model’s design themes.

renault-alpineThe new Alpine is a project especially close to our hearts here at Goodwood, as Renault showed off its early thinking on the prospects of an Alpine comeback in 2012 when the fabulous A110-50 concept was driven up the Hillclimb at the Festival of Speed (pic left).

That car was a sort of amalgamation of the earlier Renault DeZir concept and the Renault Megane Trophy racer. This new Alpine Vision Gran Turismo concept is based around a carbon monocoque carrying a mid-mounted 4.5-litre V8, with figures of around 450hp and 200mph mooted.

So what can we read into the Alpine concept that’s relevant to the new production model Renault is scheduled to reveal in 2016? Over to Alpine design director, Antony Villain:

‘The Alpine Vision Gran Turismo features the brand’s timeless hallmark agility and elegance borne out of efficiency and ingenuity. We even took advantage of the exercise to subtly conceal several details that are directly inspired by the future Alpine which will see the light in 2016 – but I can’t give any more away about that…’

The new concept features a striking resemblance to the Alpine A110, and also features design cues that reference the A210s and A220s that shone at Le Mans in the 1960s.

Players will be able to race it in three colours, the white and blue livery of the full scale concept model, an orange and blue livery inspired by the Alpine A450 racer, or matt black. You won’t be able to download it until March, but the full scale concept will be on show at Retromobile next week, and we can’t wait to see it there!

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