JUN 17th 2014

Mercedes‑Benz Vision: you drive it first at FoS!

Having stunned the gaming world when it was introduced as a concept car in Gran Turismo 6, the jaw-dropping Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo Concept (… to give it its full title) went on to amaze show-goers at last year’s Los Angeles Motor Show as a full-size, real-life model.

UK-based fans of the fantasy car have had to make do with the computer-generated version, until now. At FoS, admirers of the Vision will be able to see the real-life version on static display, and even drive the car ‘virtually’ up the Goodwood hill on Gran Turismo 6 via the Playstation 3.

As yet, none of the proposals to build a real, driving Vision appear to be coming to fruition, despite confident claims from across the pond not so long ago that as many as five examples might be built, using the SLS AMG as a base. So, on the reasonable assumption that the Vision replicas are unlikely ever to exist, it’s possible that the only chance you’re going to get to gaze at a full-sized replica will be at FoS.

Come to think of it, could this be the most sought-after, non-functioning concept car ever?

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