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Updated: JAN 09th 2024

Ethan Jupp

The best sim racing games for 2024 | FOS Future Lab

Motorsport is alive and thriving in 2024 with single-seaters, endurance racing, tin tops and rallying disciplines all in the best shape they've been in for years, with some of the largest audiences we have ever seen. More fans means more people wanting their own little slice of the fun and for that, without spending all the money in the world at least, we look to the virtual world and sim racing.

Indeed, sim racing is also how many manufacturers, teams, drivers and more find everything from a bit of a busman’s holiday, to some on-a-budget circuit training, testing and experience. Racing’s pixel-powered virtual world is more relevant than ever in 2024, so let’s get stuck into what sim racing games you should be delving into and what games are on the way.


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