Video: Onboard Ferrari V8-engined Toyota GT86 at FOS

26th May 2022
Simon Ostler

One of the best things about drifting is the constant desire among drivers and engineers to just build cool cars. We’re pretty sure that in no other form of motorsport would you see a Toyota GT86 swapped out with a V8 engine from a Ferrari 458. But that’s exactly what we see here, riding on board with Formula Drift driver Ryan Tuerck as he makes his way up the Hill during the 2019 Goodwood Festival of Speed presented by Mastercard.

In many ways this is the best view from which to enjoy this wet-weather run. You can see every input Ryan makes with both his hands and his feet – balancing the car with a mix of handbrake and throttle while the steering wheel is constantly on the move. He even has time to wave to spectators as he flies past the house one handed. Take a little look through the windscreen and you can also just about see the top of that Ferrari V8 sitting out in the open air.

The run itself is pretty spectacular, too, despite the less-than-optimal conditions. Even with rain falling Ryan still gives it plenty away from the start in the perfectly named GT4586. He even continues to do so as he negotiates the flint wall with plenty of opposite lock before giving those a the very top of the hill one final burnout to fill the cabin with tyre smoke. All the while letting that glorious V8 sing. Love his work.

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Video: Onboard Ferrari V8-engined Toyota GT86 at FOS

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