Video: Sidecar GP racing is terrifying ballet on wheels

14th March 2023
Ethan Jupp

Sometimes we writers pick our own videos for Elevenses, sometimes we’re assigned them. As GRR’s dedicated editorial minds continue to plumb the depths of the craziest, most random motorsports out there, I’m continually amazed. When it comes to NZ Sidecar GP racing, something with which I was not previously familiar, I am at first lost for words.

I’m immediately drawn to something almost entirely unique to this sport, or perhaps others with driver and co-driver: that two minds, two individual’s approaches, have to be in perfect sync in order for these machines to perform at pace. Yes, a rally driver depends on diligently-given pace notes but on these, silent to the ears of the throttle-man, the ‘co-rider’ forms a part of the car’s chassis. 

As much is especially evident at the start of a race, where these screaming bikes and sidecars writhe around, almost separating, as the rider and co-rider fling themselves hither and thither to get the bike to grip. See, what might seem quite obvious, is nevertheless fascinating: the riders make up an enormous part of the weight and therefore, the weight distribution. That’s why they’re ducking, diving and leaning, especially the co-rider, putting their mass where it needs to be, to balance the machine and get it to grip. They’re committed drifters these folks as well, effectively putting their bike into a slide and gassing it, to force it into opposite lock, down towards the fastest line, across the low-grip surface. It’s balletic and fascinating, with time-earned inimitable skill on spectacular display. BRB, visiting my local speedway…

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