Video: Sidecar motocross raises the crazy stakes

08th November 2022
Simon Ostler

You’re probably aware of the concept of motocross, but have you ever seen sidecar motocross? Also known as sidecarcross, it’s everything you might imagine. The same dirt biking premise, with jumps, sharp turns and a face full of mud, except you’ll see that along with the riders who themselves can be placed somewhere on the crazy scale, they’re joined by a fellow rider on a sidecar, who looks at first glance to be clinging on for dear life.

At least in the case of the riders they’re somewhat supported by the bike they’re riding, their partners in the sidecar have to make do with a small platform to stand on while clinging onto a crossbar.

It’s incredible! But perhaps the most surprising thing is that none of them look to be falling off. The way they’re throwing themselves around the bike and hanging it round corners looks like a recipe for disaster, but it just goes to show the skill and strength these riders have.

Skill, strength, and a huge amount of bravery. These races kick off from a group standing start. That’s 20 or so bikes all tearing away from the starting gate, clipping wheels and all sorts as they jockey for position. It’s crazy. But we love it.

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Video: Sidecar motocross raises the crazy stakes

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