Video: Watch a Street Triple-powered Piaggio Ape drift across a frozen lake

29th January 2020
Laura Thomson

With large parts of Britain facing snowy conditions, the nation’s mind has inevitably turned to winter tyres, or rather our lack thereof. For England is notoriously unprepared whenever the white stuff falls, with roads closed, flights cancelled and all but the most vital of infrastructure put on pause.

But in such instances, rather than panic, we’d be better off taking a page out of our European neighbours’ (for now) book. Scandinavia doesn’t bat an eyelid when it snows, while the Alps all but ignores it.

Take Italian Francesco Guerrini, for example. The proud owner of a modified Triumph 675 Street Triple-powered Piaggio Ape, when faced with snow in his native Northern Italy he adapts, adding a set of knobbly tyres and going snow drifting. Bravo, Francesco. Bravo.

Here he is in his mental little three-wheeler at the Livigno ice track in Italy. Making 106hp at the crank, the odd little machine isn’t to be sniffed at, even if it does look like the love child of a rickshaw and a beach buggy. Oh, and did we mention it has a Martini livery and the grille from a Delta Integrale?
The little Ape is proof that anything can go sideways if you try hard enough…

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Video: Watch a Street Triple-powered Piaggio Ape drift across a frozen lake

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