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OCT 01st 2018

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The 10 best cars for extra‑large families

You might think SUVs are the best choice if you need seven seats these days for your brood. But most seven-seaters are a compromise: you gain the extra seats but lose the boot, or gain the ride height but lose the handling.

Consider, then, the passenger van. My partner and I have four boys between us, aged five to 10 years old. We recently drove to Cornwall for a self-catering holiday, with kayaks, wetsuits, inflatable mattresses and clothes for all eventualities. Normally this entails a top box and massive early-morning arguments as we attempt to load and go. This year, we had a Mercedes V-class with seven seats, loads of leg room and, importantly loads of boot space. We just threw everything in, briefly considered the microwave as well, then shut the boot and drove off. Simples.

If you’re too much of a badge snob to consider such a horror, then we’ve included the pick of seven-seat SUVs too.


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