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DEC 04th 2020

Dan Trent

The eight best German cars to buy in 2021

It’s safe to say a huge part of German national pride is wrapped up in its formidable car industry, the brands at its heart now giants of the global industry influencing buying habits the world over. The passion for engineering, the particular demands of its domestic audience and the famous limit-free Autobahns all play their part but, most of all, the German brands just seem to understand what people want from their cars, and how we use them to project our personalities.

And the influence of course extends beyond Germany’s borders, these manufacturers maintaining a presence in other countries through the addition of local brands into their portfolios, as Volkswagen has with Bentley and BMW with Rolls-Royce. Here we’re looking at our favourite German cars in the market now, and how they each represent the beliefs of their respective makers.


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