Video: Hear the GMA T.50’s screaming V12 at 12,100rpm

31st March 2021
Seán Ward

We’ve been waiting quite some time for a video like this. What you’re about to hear for the very first time is the new Cosworth-developed, naturally-aspirated 3.9-litre V12 that’ll take centre stage in Gordon Murray’s new T.50 supercar. And it sounds absolutely glorious.

The sound comes courtesy of a dyno run, during which the engine was put through a simulated lap of Le Mans. The noise it creates is sublime, but then again you’d expect that, given its hilarious 12,100rpm redline. And in case you’d forgotten, the T.50’s V12 heart will chuck out 663PS (488kW) at 11,500rpm. That’s more than Murray’s previous three-seater supercar, the McLaren F1, but the T.50 will weigh a whopping 150kg less. We simply cannot wait to hear this car for real.

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Video: Hear the GMA T.50’s screaming V12 at 12,100rpm

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