Toyota GR Supra is getting a manual gearbox

28th April 2022
Ethan Jupp

In typically Japanese fashion, Toyota has jumbled the enormous news that the Supra is getting a manual gearbox option in among a general news release about how the Supra is to evolve. “Toyota Gazoo Racing Outlines Supra Enhancements” the title reads.


Toyota describes the six-speed ‘box as “newly developed”, suggesting that this is a component entirely independent from platform collaborator BMW – encouraging news for die-hard decriers of the controversial partnership. Also unique for this car is the spherical gearshifter, which the marque highlights for its ease “to grip and operate from any direction” with finely tuned weighting and that it’s “topped off by the GR logo for a sporty image”.

There’s also new iMT software which optimises engine speeds with the driver’s shifting – read auto-blip. The interior sound has also been tuned for the manual for “generating excitement during acceleration”. The ratios are also shorter to maximise the manual shifting experience. Happily, the manual ‘box is available on the 3.0-litre engine and is exclusive to RZ specification.

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Joining the list of upgrades is a set of very purposeful-looking 19-inch forged wheels and an optimised limited-slip differential. The chassis has been stiffened and the suspension and steering have been tuned, making for what Toyota is hoping will be the most capable and the most enjoyable-to-drive Supra yet. All told, a manual supra with the new wheels should drop just under 40kg compared to before. Anecdotal upgrades include new colours in Volcanic Ash Gray Metallic, Dawn Blue Metallic and matte Avalanche White Metallic, the latter in limited number for the RZ. There’s also a new tan interior option for the RZ and enhancements to the JBL sound system.

Toyota are known for making incremental changes that yield real improvements as a car ages, so these upgrades should be taken seriously. Whether the addition of a manual option will yield big sales remains to be seen. Some will have steered clear due to its absence so far, but market trends suggest these buyers are in a minority. Time will tell. If you’re interested, get pestering your Toyota dealer now. Prices aren’t yet known but if you’re quick, you might take delivery before the year is out.

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