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JUL 28th 2022

James King

The 7 best GTRs of all time

There are many motoring acronyms that get the car enthusiast’s juices flowing. Although GTI and RS are more commonplace, the one that really grabs the attention is the fabled GTR. You’ve probably just had a little shiver down your spine just seeing those three letters lined up, haven’t you? Well, the Gran Turismo Racer label has not appeared on as many cars as you’d think considering the reputation it has. There are a few major examples that dominate your mind when thinking about GTRs and although that Japanese model is sacred in the motoring world, it may not be the best to ever wear the badge.

I’ve compiled a list of the nine greatest GTRs to hit the road with a few little caveats. I find it a little boring when any list has too many of one model, so I’ve bravely decided to keep it to one car per brand… which is going to cause a fair number of arguments in the office, but my list is final and I’ll fight my decisions to the very death.


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