Mansory F9XX Tempesta Celeste is a modified Ferrari SF90 Spider

15th March 2023
Ethan Jupp

There are cars that are with the best of intentions, aesthetically challenging. Then there are cars that, to be as tactful as possible, look the way they look deliberately, to get as much attention as possible. This is the Mansory F9XX Tempesta Celeste and by the M word alone, you know it falls into the latter camp.


Such is the remit of the infamous modder of the world’s greatest cars. Not to improve, not to refine, but to get people talking. If you want to be talked about, you get a Mansory and this latest SF90 Spider-based concoction carries the torch with aplomb.

If you really look at the details you can always tell, Mansory’s crack (addled?) team of stylists and artisans plumb a marque’s back catalogue, and indeed cars from other brands, for influences. At the nose, there’s a LaFerrari-esque central spline. At the splitter, there are flanking elements with vortex generators a-la the McLaren 765LT. In fact, file those vents atop the front haunches under ‘McLaren-influenced’ too. The carbon strip across the front is very 812 Competizione/F12 TdF. The side skirts? We’ve got nothing. Maybe a hint of Testarossa but honestly, we’re reaching. 


The biggest nod from the Celeste, goes to the Enzo-based FXX, with very familiar-looking flanking wing elements near-identical in style to Ferrari’s V12-engined track weapon from 2006. You might have guessed there’d be a bit of FXX from the F9XX name, even before looking at it. On the coupe, the wing is width-spanning, similar to the FXXK.

The wheels? Honestly, these 21- and 22-inch items are actually fairly on-trend in terms of what the hypercar boutique is putting out anyway, with the partial wheel cover style seen on the Mercedes-AMG One, Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport and more. Dare we say, we don’t hate the wheels.

Truthfully, altogether? This is a Frankenstein’s monster of a car that, even at a completely legitimate business transaction on an unpaved Bolivian airstrip, will look a bit over the top.

What about performance, then? The SF90 is famously a car not wanting for poke but Mansory has seen fit to juice it a bit anyway, if only a bit. The number is 1,100PS (805kW), or roughly 100PS up on the standard car’s already ample 1,000PS, via the ‘Mansory Performance PowerBox’. That probably makes this the most subtle modification on the F9XX Tempesta Celeste. Top speed is a claimed 220mph and we’d love to see how a lot of the aero treatment fares at that speed. In the Grands Prix d’Oligarch’s nuclear bunker, it’ll crack 62mph in 2.4 seconds.


Credit to Mansory, it’s never just a body kit. You can intimidate friends and foes alike with a wild interior, too. We do wonder how well a leather floor mat is going to wear, mind. Dare we say we don’t hate the baby blue and white scheme of this example’s cabin? Custom patterns and signatures are evident, though there’s no word on if ‘the skin of your enemies’ is a trim option.

So what are your thoughts on the Mansory F9XX Tempesta Celeste? Is it a bit of you? If so, we promise, we’ll get you the money we owe next month. Please. We have families.

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