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JAN 26th 2023

James King

9 boring cars we love thanks to motorsport

I often get criticised for my taste in cars. I’m tired of having to explain why I have a penchant for mundane Japanese and French cars. Whilst the majority of the motoring enthusiast world argues over whether they’d choose the latest Mercedes C63 AMG over the BMW M3 CS, I’m sat there discussing whether I should pull the trigger on that 1999 Nissan Primera GT that’s currently sitting at £1,080 with two hours left in the auction. Growing up, I thought that was the norm, but as time has gone by I’ve realised I’m in a bizarre minority.

There is an obvious running theme for my weird tastes and it perfectly explains everything. At one point or another in these mundane cars’ lifespans they’ve had the spotlight on them, and more often than not they’ve excelled. Their story is one similar to the ‘90s TV stars that went a little hard with the Columbian fun sherbet. They were the talk of the town with the world at their feet, but it’s over 30 years since their prime and they’re doing an advert for double-glazed windows to make ends meet. These are the mundane cars that excelled in motorsport.


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