BMW Concept Skytop is Z8's spiritual successor

28th May 2024
Russell Campbell

The BMW Concept Skytop has been revealed at Villa d'Este as the spiritual successor to the gorgeous Z8. It packs the same twin-turbocharged V8 as the M8 GT. Ready for homologation, it's being tipped for future production, albeit in limited numbers. 


We sincerely hope it happens, though, because the Skytop is that rare thing in life – a good-looking new BMW. BMW says its clean lines "inspire a desire to travel", and we'd be willing to sling a couple of soft bags in the boot to put that theory to the test.

The droop-snoot shark nose is inspired by the Z8 and the 507 classic from the 1950s, with an angular lower bumper that's more in keeping with the current range. BMW's gone for a simple, elegant design with a crease that runs from the far edge of the headlights, over the front wheels, under the minimalist wing mirrors, and into the voluptuous rear end and its kicked spoiler. To avoid ruining the look, BMW replaces conventional door handles with tiny finger-tip winglets more in keeping with a Ferrari GT. 


The car's design is best enjoyed from overhead – say, sipping an espresso from the balcony of your five-star accommodation – where the spline that runs from the bonnet through the interior and onto the aluminium trim on the boot is clearest. It's also an excellent place to spot the leather-wrapped roll bar, the removable targa roof, and the retractable rear window. 

Like the movement in a posh watch, the Skytop reserves some of its best bits for the things you can't see, like the LED headlights (the thinnest fitted to a car) held by milled aluminium carriers. Inside, the cabin is inspired by brogue shoe leather, its reddish-brown tone supposed to inject "the whole interior with a sense of luxury and spaciousness." 


While BMW has yet to confirm production, it seems likely the Skytop will go on sale as early as next year, and we'd imagine it will cost at least £175,000. 

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