BMW teams up with Rimac on EV tech

09th April 2024
Ethan Jupp

As if to come full circle, Mate Rimac will once again be working with a BMW on electric vehicle technology. Now unlike in the 2000s, however, that BMW happens to be the entire group of companies, rather than the singular E30 drift car he got his start with. The German giant is the latest of many storied marques to collaborate with the Croatian EV company.


The aim will be to co-develop and co-produce next-generation batteries for BMW’s upcoming EVs. It will be a long-term partnership that leads BMW up to 2030 and beyond, when it expects as much as 50 per cent of car sales in the world will be all-electric.

But BMW’s (and potentially Minis and Rolls-Royce’s) line-up at some point will feature Rimac electric power.

Precise details of what’s to come haven’t been given, though we expect the fruits of the partnership will come to bear in the medium term rather than straight away. BMW itself has been promoting its upcoming sixth-generation eDrive technology in its Neue Klasse, with concepts over the last year previewing models set to debut from 2025.


"My business journey began with a 1984 BMW 3 Series that I converted into an electric car in my garage at the age of 20 so it’s a perfect piece of symmetry to partner with the BMW Group today,” said Mate Rimac, founder and CEO of Rimac Group.

“This marks a pivotal moment in the growth of Rimac Technology, from humble beginnings to a major long-term partnership with one of the greatest automotive brands in the world. It’s a clear sign of the transition of Rimac Technology from niche high-performance supplier to high-volume production capability. 

“With the relentless growth of our business, including the opening of Rimac Campus, we’re now ready to deliver large-scale projects for the leading brands in the automotive industry.” 

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