Genesis goes all in on its Magma performance badge

27th March 2024
Russell Campbell

Genesis already has a foothold in the UK, and its efforts to 'do a Lexus' are strengthened by revealing these two show cars – the Neolun Concept and GV60 Magma Concept. The Neulon is a posh electric SUV, while the Magma, if you haven't already guessed, is a performance machine with the paint job to prove it.


The Neolun Concept is more closely aligned to what we've seen already from Genesis. The GV80 flagship has already impressed us with its superb interior quality, comfy ride, and lusty diesel engine. The Neulon looks like it's preparing to pick up the baton.

Luxury is the name of the game, and the Neolun has all the features needed to reel in pampered buyers, including pillarless doors with retractable entrance steps, swivel captain's chairs and a revolutionary heating system. More on them later.


The 'Neolun' name means 'new moon' and comes from the Greek 'neo' for 'new' and the Latin 'luna' for 'moon'. The car's looks, we're told, are based on the moon-shaped porcelain jars that are a feature of Korea.

Less romantic types might see a lot of the GV80's not-quite-a-Bentley-Bentayga design features, including the bold grille and prominent shoulders.


Simple design is key, with lights integrated into the body (think new Range Rover tail lights) and a roof rack that retracts when it's not in use. Meanwhile, the Midnight Black and Majestic Blue paint job is inspired by the South Korean sky at night.

The Neolun's coachdoors mean there's no need for B pillars, leaving a huge entry space and the deeply cool silhouette of a Renault Avantime. When the doors open, the Genesis' electric side steps drop down before sliding back into the bodywork when closed.


Inside, the Neolun is all about space and relaxation. Pub boasts come in the form of a radiant heating system that turns the car's interior into one giant radiator and should give the subtle acclimatising of an underfloor heating system. The idea is based on the 'ondol' Korean method of house warming.

With the temperature set, it's now time to take the Neolun's seating arrangement, which includes swivelling front-row chairs for impromptu board meetings and large screens that unfold from the headlining. The cabin is padded in Royal Indigo cashmere and Purple Silk leather, with a dark-coloured real-wood floor completing the inspired-by-nature ambience.


Naturally, you also get a top-end sound system with tweeters, midrange speakers, woofers, and subwoofers strategically placed to deliver a concert-hall-like, immersive sound. And what posh cabin is complete without some decorative crystal? The Neolun's takes the form of a glassy sphere that rotates to reveal a beautiful centre-dashboard tweeter like in a Volvo XC90.

But enough of all this luxury talk, lets dive into this exciting GV60 Magma Concept. A performance model that is destined for production, it follows in the tyre tracks of show cars like the GV80 Coupe Concept, G80 Magma Special, and X Gran Berlinetta Concept.


With the likes of Mercedes AMG, Audi RS and BMW M Sport meandering into Genesis' radar lock, we're told the GV60 Magma Concept (and cars like it) "add a new dimension to Genesis, marking the brand's expansion into the realm of high-performance cars". Ultimately, Genesis will soon have Magma versions of all its models.

So, what does the concept tell us? Well, the mission statement has a distinct Bentley flavour: "While speed and performance are important, the Genesis Magma program will look beyond, prioritising the driving experience to kindle the joy of sporty driving with effortless comfort."


The GV60 has a body kit that provides added cooling for the battery, motors, and brakes, front bumper canards that add downforce, and roof fins that do the same. Even the 21-inch alloy wheels have aero discs that smooth the airflow and improve brake cooling.

Performance? Sadly, that's for another day. We do know that the Magma will have "improved battery and motor technology" but Genesis is keeping its cards close to its chest for now.


On the inside, the Magma badge will diligently follow the recipe for a posh performance car's cabin, combining sporty bucket seats and contrast seams with luxurious Nappa leather upholstery in diamond stitching. Sadly, you'll have to use your imagination as Genesis hasn't provided pictures.

The best news for the people of these parts is that six-time Le Mans winner Jacky Ickx has been appointed a Brand Partner and will lend his expertise to the Magma Program.


Can Genesis succeed where Infinity failed? You'd be mad to bet against the same company that brought the mainstream success of Hyundai. The Neolun and GV60 Magma concepts demonstrate a commitment to the cause, and Lexus proves the likes of Mercedes, BMW, and Audi don't – always – get things their own way.

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