Hennessey Mammoth 400 Ram waves goodbye to the Hemi V8

03rd July 2024
Ethan Jupp

The legendary Hemi V8, the beating heart of Mopar, is shortly to depart the engine bays of contemporary Dodges, Rams, Chryslers, and Jeeps. It’ll be a sad day when the last one rolls off the line and, as much the enthusiast as he is the businessman, John Hennessey wanted to mark the occasion. This is his salute to the Hemi, the Hennessey Mammoth 400 Ram.

hennessey mammoth 400 2.jpg

If because it’s Hennessey you think there’s a pair of engorged turbochargers hiding under the bonnet, you’d be wrong. Engine modifications start and finish with a sports exhaust. To celebrate the Hemi, in this instance, he’s keeping the Hemi pure and letting its natural character shine.

Three specifications are available, in Viper Red, Viper White, or GTS blue, and all of them coming with full-length ‘Viper Stripes’. This is both a nod to Hennessey’s history with the Viper and of course, a nod to the Ram’s maddest moment, when it had a Viper V10 stuffed under the hood. Very definitely a road truck, Hennessey’s puffed-out arches, jutting chin splitter, and sporty wheels accentuate this burnout-loving bruiser. It sits lower than a standard 2024 Ram 15000 Sport Truck, too, thanks to Fox/Ridetech suspension.

hennessey mammoth 400 1.jpg

A full build this ain’t, but what it is is a quintessentially American send-off to one of the all-time great pony car motors. Just 250 are earmarked for production, which will be completed this year. The trucks will come with a three-year 36,000-mile warranty and will be sold exclusively through authorised Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram dealers.

“We are excited to partner with Fx to build a special sport truck with a uniquely American livery for the final Hemi V8-powered Ram trucks,” Hennessey said.

“Our Mammoth 400 Ram celebrates American independence with patriotic colours combined with the ‘fireworks’ that only the Hemi V8 engine can deliver.”

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