JUL 21st 2015

Video: Koenigsegg One:1 sets new lap record at Spa

We’re very familiar with the mighty power of Koenigsegg‘s incredible One:1 hypercar, having driven it not once, but twice on our circuit, alongside its new hybrid brother the Regera.

Koenigsegg One:1 regera promo

Koenigsegg brought both to FoS, with the One:1 taking part in the Michelin Supercar Run over the weekend, giving a few lucky passengers the experience of a lifetime with passenger rides up the hill.

We already know the One:1 is faster than anything we have ever experienced, and that Koenigsegg have their sights set on the Nurburgring lap record. But we didn’t know they were planning what appears to be a world-tour of historic tracks.

In this (slightly grainy) video above you can ride along with Koenigsegg factory driver Robert Serwanski as he sets what is believed to be the fastest lap around the famous Spa-Francorchamps circuit by a road car.

In it Serwanski smashes Koenigsegg’s own previous mark of 2:33.26 by over a second, recording a monster 2:32.14 despite running on track with other cars, and with what looks like a sizable chip developing in the windscreen…

Amazingly, the closest non-Koenigsegg to lap Spa appears to have only managed a 2:38, now all we need is a LaFerrari, P1, 918 and maybe a GRRC track day ..?

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