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NOV 25th 2022

Gary Axon

The coolest cars that can do 200mph | Axon’s Automotive Anorak

OK. It’s confession time. What is the fastest you’ve ever driven on a public road?

Of course, none of us have ever exceeded the UK’s 70mph speed limit. But as we’re among friends, I will admit to pushing the needle beyond an indicated 70 on a few of occasions. Usually on a totally deserted motorway in the wee small hours on a quiet Kent motorway when rushing to catch a scheduled early car ferry or Channel Tunnel shuttle to get across the Channel. I won’t even mention giving an ex-boss’ real Lancia Stratos the full beans (and scaring myself silly in the process) on the M4 many years ago. It was a nailing biting experience, but wow, it was worth it. What a car.


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