Video: A twin-turbo V8 Mercedes V-Class is silly but brilliant

15th August 2022
Seán Ward

Oh look, it’s a Mercedes V-Class. Wait, no, hang on a minute… What in the name of all that’s holy has that thing got under its bonnet? This is a V-Class from German tuners GAD-Motors with a modified 4.0-litre twin-turbo AMG V8, and it’s steaming around the Nürburgring. We can only laugh at this madness.

According to the company, on a big trip that required a seven-seater the team picked up a rental V-Class. They all thought it was great but underpowered, so not long after they handed the keys back the idea of a V8-powered V came to mind. Fast forward many, many months, the GAD team had a V-Class with a great big hole in the engine bay, ready to accept the 4.0-litre AMG unit. Sadly it didn’t quite fit, so some modifications were made with GAD parts and, sure enough, the whole thing just about squeezed in. From there they modified the suspension and nine-speed gearbox, fitted carbon-ceramic brakes and new electronics, and finally made a new exhaust and cooling system. The result is the 585PS (430kW), seven-seat V8 lunatic you see before you.

It's a vehicle that only really makes sense in Germany, on the derestricted sections of Autobahn that the GAD team found tiresome with a regular V-Class, and even then it doesn’t really need to exist. But, watching it here, shouting its way around the world’s most fearsome track, we’re very glad it does.

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Video: A twin-turbo V8 Mercedes V-Class is silly but brilliant

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