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Video: Healey by Caton in depth walkaround | A £400k Austin Healey restomod

There are plenty of people restoring old cars today – it’s a big business. But so often it’s the heavy hitters that get the most attention, with cars from Ferrari, Aston Martin, Porsche and Jaguar getting the bulk of the limelight. Well now a company is reinvigorating another brand, one with a cult following that in its day offered up a truly delightful sportscar: Austin Healey.

This is a new Austin Healey, or more specifically the Healey by Caton. It isn’t an old Healey shell that’s been resprayed, it’s an almost entirely new vehicle. Beyond the original chassis there’s a new body, new gearbox, highly-modified engine, new interior and more. How much more? Well, why not watch the video and find out.


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