Video: This 288 GTO model restoration is the ultimate relaxation aid

26th January 2023
Simon Ostler

Before we say anything else about this video, can we just ask who on earth is mistreating their model cars to quite this extent? Quite appalling. Second of all, how many people would look at this sorry state of a car and think “yeah that’s going in the bin”? If you have a spare 20 minutes today, make time for this video because you will not believe the artistry that goes into the restoration (and improvement) of this classic Ferrari 288 GTO model.

If there’s one thing we’ve taken from today’s video, it’s that we want our own model car restoration station complete with all of the tools and materials the talented folks at Restoration Kamasutra have in stock. Specialised paint stripper, tiny little drill bits, spinny wire brush things that just look like they could clean everything, not to mention every single colour of paint you could ever hope to need, and the perfectly sized droppers to place paint into detailed areas like air vents and grilles.

And by the way, if you thought the work on the exterior metal was impressive, keep watching because the transformation of the interior is out of this world. We think even we could do the first bit, dunk it all in some water and soap and scrub it with a toothbrush. But then there are just no words that suffice after that. Just sit back and enjoy this artist at work.

We know what we’ll be doing for the next six months… watching all of this channel’s videos.

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Video: This 288 GTO model restoration is the ultimate relaxation aid

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