Video: Is there anything crazier than racing a bike at Macau?

25th January 2023
Ben Miles

Racing at Macau, it’s a bit mental right? Close walls, very fast speed, barely any room to make a mistake, let alone attempt an overtake. Well, now imagine doing it on a superbike…

Yes, in case you didn’t know, at the same time as the famous Macau Grand Prix, there is a race for crazy people on incredibly high-powered motorbikes to hurl themselves around the streets.

Fortunately, we can ride onboard with one of these nutters/incredible humans (delete as you see fit) as they attack these lithe, living streets. It’s easy to think of Macau as tight and immediately assume it must be Monaco levels of twisty, but in fact it’s uproariously fast, and these bikes get up some serious speed. And that’s not just down the incredibly long start finish straight. As they wind their way up and up the hilly terrain of Macau the bikes are absolutely flying, connecting high-speed turn with high-speed turn.

It’s incredible to watch, never mind what it must feel like to be Lukas Maurer, the racer whose bike we’re on. But for him, it’s most likely the kind of thing that he lives for, given that he is a road racer with experience at the TT and the North West 500. I like riding motorbikes, but I would never dream of riding one like this. But boy are we at GRR glad some people do.

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Video: Is there anything crazier than racing a bike at Macau?

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