SEP 12th 2014

Cars that rock Revival: McKee Mahrya

The one-off McKee Mahrya has recently undergone a four-year restoration and was due to make its competitive comeback in the Whitsun Trophy… but sadly it’s not to be. A problem with the driveshafts means it’s not going out, but even the sight of it in the paddock is enough to qualify it as a car that rocks Revival.

The project was abandoned by its original backer, so a group who had been working on it took it on themselves. It had no bodywork when they took it over, so they came up with the distinctive styling, completing the build in 1960. The wide grille opening that houses the headlights and prominent wheelarches give it a distinctive look. Even today all of the bodywork is crafted in aluminium; the only plastic on the car is the aeroscreen and the rear spoiler. The all-American colour scheme has been recreated to bring back its original look by renowned custom car builders Boyd Jeffries and George Barris.

The car was raced in period by David ‘Salt’ Walther and, in the 1980s, was adapted for road use. Today, the Chevrolet V8 engine looks great with its stainless steel headers. It’s just a shame it’s not going to create its own heat and noise in the Whitsun Trophy this weekend…

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