Love At Revival

14th February 2024
Lottie Hammond-Wright

Here, amidst the resplendent backdrop of vintage style and meticulously preserved cars, love finds its perfect setting. This Valentines month, join us as we delve into a world where love is not just a fleeting sentiment, but a vintage treasure to be cherished for eternity.



Lisa Marie and Steve

Marine Steve has been attending Goodwood Revival for 17 years, and for 12 years as part of the resident American vintage biker gang, the Goodwood Hornets, who, in 2023 led the 200 strong bike parade around the Motor Circuit.

Yet, aside from meeting the Duke of Richmond and riding the track alongside Jason Momoa, Steve had something truly special planned for Revival ‘23 - a proposal for his girlfriend of 5 years, author Lisa Marie.

He pulled off the surprise by the Hornets Nest, with his parents and children present, along with his fellow Hornets and plenty of Sunday crowds.

Lisa told us: “His daughters, Grace & Fleur, even arranged for the Circus Ringmaster at Gate 2 to announce it!” Of the ring, she explains: “One of the Hornets is a designer and made my temporary ring from a split pin which I have been told holds the important parts of a bike engine together - which was the ideal token until we found the real thing.”

Catching up with Lisa recently, she explained: “Since then, we found a beautiful 1930s vintage emerald and diamond gold/platinum ring from an antique jewellery store in Bath. I knew it was the one as soon as I saw it and it was the perfect fit - it was meant for me.”

“I had no idea what was planned at last year’s Revival and was blown away with happiness. The Revival means so much to us so it was the perfect setting.”


Amelia and Jack

Amelia and Jack have been making memories at Goodwood since the moment they met at the Eighties Sunday, and, two years later, getting engaged by the chicane. Now, with a tattoo of the track representing their shared history on her forearm, their Goodwood love story will be with them for a lifetime.


Amelia: "We actually met at Goodwood. I had my little classic mini on display and we met at the start line. Then two and a half years later we got engaged by the chicane, so Goodwood is thoroughly ingrained in us."

Jack: "We met here before that in 2018... she took a photo of me by the start line and we didn't realise until we were together! Goodwood is a huge part of our own personal histories and eventually, we met here...and will hopefully get married here."


Paula and Duncan

"My husband Duncan’s first race at the Goodwood Revival was in a 1952 HWM and since then, I’ve spent many days watching with a lap timer as he raced past, sweating in sweltering sunshine, or sat with my fingers turning to ice and everything in between. I’ve pushed cars through paddocks, I’ve had my favourite shoes routinely covered in engine oil, and I’m surprised that my eardrums are still intact after being requested to listen to the apparently melodic growl of a starting engine."

"Goodwood Revival has been the backdrop for family fun for years - with the children attending and dressing up in vintage since they were babies. It’s in our blood. My husband always says that when he realised that the Revival would always fall near my birthday, and I still agreed to camp out come rain or shine, year after year in the early days - THAT was when he knew I was the one for him!"


Romance at Revival

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