Video: Five WRC stars going crazy at Goodwood

13th October 2020
Seán Ward

You have to be a very special individual to make it in the World Rally Championship. Not just because you have to be extremely talented, but you also have a brain that is capable of completely putting fear to one side and driving between rows of trees at 140mph. On ice. In the dark.

By comparison, then, the Goodwood Hill is a much easier challenge, and one that can be enjoyed with more flamboyance than an icy stage in Finland – a chance for a WRC driver to let their hair down. That, as you’re about to see, is what every one of these five drivers does, with some going for speed and others for four-wheel-burnouts.

Goodness, we love WRC cars, which is why we are now having to chain ourselves to our desks to stop us from jumping up and down with excitement. Why? Because in just a matter of hours there will be WRC cars at Goodwood for SpeedWeek presented by Mastercard, with WRC stars new and old taking part in the SpeedWeek ‘Super Special’. Bring on the noise…

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