80th Members' Meeting race results

17th April 2023
Ethan Jupp

Here we are again. In a flash, another Members’ Meeting presented by Audrain Motorsport is signed, sealed and delivered. It might have been the best yet, with an action-packed weekend of dramatic racing, spectacular demos, fun for all the family and smiles all round. Of course while the incredible GT1 cars, GMA T.50s, Brabhams and Bentleys made for stunning paddock jewellery and jaw-dropping demos, 80MM is a race meeting. It’s the races that make a race meeting and happily, over the course of our two days, we featured 15 of them.


Each had its moments of madness though stand-outs included the Gordon Spice Trophy, featuring rough-and-tumble battles throughout all heats, the Jim Clark Trophy featuring a grid of Lotus Cortinas fighting door-to-door and the Tony Gaze Trophy, with entrants displaying exemplary car control.

With entries spanning eight decades, from the S.F. Edge Trophy, to the Gordon Spice Trophy, here are the podium-placing wreath-wearers of the 80th Members’ Meeting.

Hailwood Trophy

3. Dan Jackson – Harris Yamaha TZ350

2. Dan Cooper – Yamaha TZ350G

1. Scott Carson – Yamaha TZ350G

Gurney Cup

3. Griffiths / Shedden – Ford GT40

2. Kirkaldy / Hall – Chevron-BMW D8

1. Lynn / D. Franchitti – Ford GT40

S.F. Edge Trophy

3. Ben Collings – Benz 200HP

2. Julian Majzub – Sunbeam ‘Indianapolis’

1. Mark Walker – Darracq 200hp 

Threlfall Cup

3. Tom Waterfield – Hillwood FJ

2. Ray Mallock – U2-Ford Mk2

1. Stuart Roach – Alexis-Ford Mk2

Jim Clark Trophy

3. Neal / Shedden – Ford-Lotus Cortina Mk1

2. Brundle / Thomas – Ford-Lotus Cortina Mk1

1. Dickenson / Jordan – Ford-Lotus Cortina Mk1

Trofeo Nuvolari

3. Robert Beebee – Frazer Nash TT Replica

2. Gareth Burnett – Alta Two-Seater Sports

1. Richard Bradley – Aston Martin Speed Model ‘Red Dragon’

Tony Gaze Trophy

3. John Ure – Frazer Nash Le Mans Replica

2. Cliff Gray – Frazer Nash Le Mans Replica

1. Jonathan Abecassis – Austin-Healey 100/4

Salvadori Cup

3. Michael Gans – Lotus-Climax 15

2. David Hart – Lister-Jaguar ‘Costin’

1. Lister-Jaguar ‘Knobbly’

Moss Trophy

3. Oliver Bryant – Jaguar E-Type

2. Alex Buncombe – Jaguar E-Type

1. James Cottingham – AC Cobra 

Gordon Spice Trophy

3. Oliver Bryant – Chevrolet Camaro Z28

2. Fred Shepherd – Ford Mustang Boss 302

1. Rob Huff – Chevrolet Camaro Z28

Lead image by Pete Summers

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