Video: 75MM S.F. Edge Trophy highlights

19th March 2017
Adam Wilkins

Here's a race full of superlatives. Biggest: The 28-litre Fiat S76. Oldest: The 1903 Mercedes 60hp. Nimblest: The GN Thunderbug. That last one might be debatable, but the likes of it and the GN Curtiss nip at the heels of the bigger machinery.

This is the S.F. Edge Trophy, back on the programme after the highly popular inaugural race last year. All cars are pre-1923 Edwardian era pioneers of motorsport, some of which – like the aforementioned Fiat S76 land speed record car – weren't actually built for circuit racing at all.

The highlights video shows the spectacle of Markus Kern's Delage DH V12 demonstrating its advantage on the straights, while Mark Walker was able to throw the GN Thunderbug at corners and sort out whatever angle of slide he'd instigated when he got to the apex.

One more superlative? The wildest race of the day?

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