Video: Two GMA T.50s singing in perfect V12 harmony

28th April 2023
Simon Ostler

As has become customary at the Goodwood Members’ Meeting presented by Audrain Motorsport, Gordon Murray Automotive once again brought some toys along for us all to ogle at throughout the weekend at this year’s event.

Not only did we get to see the launch of the new T.33 Spider, as the Duke of Richmond and Gordon Murray took the covers off GMA’s latest creation, but there was also a number of T.50s on display. Looking at these gorgeous cars is one thing, but those in attendance at the 80th Members’ Meeting were lucky enough to listen to the song of that remarkable V12 engine in the back of the T.50. Not one, but two of those 4.0-litre Cosworth engines, each revving towards 11,500rpm, were set loose to howl around the Goodwood Motor Circuit in perfect harmony.

It was the perfect way to kickstart both Saturday and Sunday, and here we take a ride onboard with Dario Franchitti as he talks us through a couple of laps from behind the wheel. Being inside the car offers a different perspective on the sound of the T.50. There’s more depth to the engine note, the scream of the V12 still resonates, but it’s tempered by a guttural rumble that perfectly conveys the amount of power being sent to the wheels.

This video also reaffirms our realisation, as if we hadn’t already had it, that we really want to drive one of these cars. Not that we aren't already familiar with the GMA press fleet voicemail tone...

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