F1 teams allowed more engine parts without penalties in 2023

27th April 2023
Ethan Jupp

The FIA and the F1 grid have come to an agreement on an increase in power unit components that will be allowed to be swapped out for the 2023 season without incurring a penalty. Four elements of the powertrain are included in the increased allocation.


These are the MGU-H, MGU-k, turbocharger and internal combustion engine itself, with the limit of three examples rising to four. This will give teams some wiggle room and respite as the season marches on, with the threat of grid place penalties somewhat abated, if not entirely. Other rather strangulatory limits are staying the same, including control electronics and energy stores, which have already caused problems and incurred penalties at Ferrari.

Other cost cap-related changes could be on the way too though, with certain factory infrastructure developments pertaining to sustainability being looked at as candidates for exclusion from the allowed expenditure. Wind tunnel-come-wind turbine anyone?

In the case of teams like Williams, whose facilities are in dire need of an update that would at present incur penalties, could such wording allow changes, based on reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint? It hopes so.  


F1 Sprints revamped ahead of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix

25th April 2023


Also definitely changing by the letter of FIA law is what counts as ‘working on a car’ during a penalty pit stop. This after Fernando Alonso and Aston Martin’s brush with the regulations in Saudi Arabia, where Aston were able to prove that a rear jack touching the car during a penalty stop is something plenty of others had done, thus restoring Alonso’s podium finishing position that had been removed post-race. That’s now something no one is allowed to do, per the book. 

The last change, at least that we’re going to cover? The pre-race pre-amble is set to go up from 40 to 50 minutes, allowing for more time for ceremonies and ‘the presentation of drivers to the fans’.

Images courtesy of Motorsport Images.

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