Video: Robert Kubica hammers a BMW M4 round the ‘Ring

08th November 2021
Ben Miles

We already know that the new BMW M4 is a lot of fun, a lot. The old one, was perhaps a little more planted, a bit more precise, but no less enjoyable for a blat across the countryside.

But, while our relatively ham-fisted attempts at driving an M4 will only uncover what the normal driver will be able to, and are confined mostly to the tight roads of Great Britain, what would happen if you put someone with real talent and experience behind the wheel? Like… say, an F1 driver?

Well, here we can immediately answer that question in the form of a video. Ring-master Miisha Charoudin, himself no stranger to lapping the Nordschleife, was lucky enough to hop into the passenger seat with some bloke called Robert Kubica, who apparently just turned up to the ‘Ring and asked to drive a car.

It is a lap that will quicken your heartbeat unless you’ve already passed on, perhaps in fright at how fast he hurls a road car around the first few corners of the ‘Ring. But, compose yourself and strap in, because it’s an incredible ride, showcasing just how much better a top-level professional driver is than you or I.

Now, how do we get back the last few decades of our life and start a professional racing career?

Welcome to Goodwood Elevenses, a mid-morning helping of motoring-related amusement to help break up your day. Watch the last video: Mega Mustang vs. Charging Cortina

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Video: Robert Kubica hammers a BMW M4 round the ‘Ring

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