Video: Robert Kubica hurling a rally car down a rutted road

04th October 2021
Ben Miles

He has absolutely no fear, none at all… Robert Kubica’s full-time rally career was short and spectacular. It began because of a crash in a rally car and ended in a way because of too many crashes in rally cars. But in between, he showcased some speed and ability winning fourteen individual stages. He may never have managed to get a WRC victory or even a podium, but there was no denying he had the raw speed.

This video is a showcase of just how fast and brave he was. The major crash that curtailed his first F1 career appears to have given no fear to the Pole as he hurls an old WRC-Spec Ford Fiesta down some bumpy tarmac roads. It’s the segment around ten seconds in that really showcases just how many brave pills Kubica swallowed at some point. Faced with a road so bumpy that it will (and does) send his car airborne and elicit sparks when it bottoms out Kubica keeps his foot in, launching the Fiesta over these bumps and leaving us shouting for more.

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Video: Robert Kubica hurling a rally car down a rutted road

04th October 2021



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